Trump Preps MASSIVE Spin Operation To Sell Controversial Cabinet Nominees

Donald Trump’s presidential transition team is hiring a team of public relations experts and others in order to set up a spin operation to sell the incoming administration’s odd assortment of cabinet nominees.

Politico reports: “Their task will be to convince Americans that the billionaires, generals, donors and CEOs chosen by the president-elect have the expertise to manage the federal government — even if they have no Washington experience.”

Many of Trump’s choices to run the government were chosen based on Trump’s odd managerial style. Reports indicate that some of them were selected not based on their qualifications, but instead based on their looks and how Trump believes they will come across on television.

Other selections like Education Secretary nominee Betsy DeVos came up via the conservative movement with credentials indicating open hostility to the department she has been selected to run, rather than a desire to run the department efficiently on behalf of the American people. Senator Jeff Sessions, Trump’s choice to be Attorney General, also has a record of hostility towards justice that would traditionally be disqualifying for the position. Yet Sessions previous rejection for a federal judgeship based on allegations of racist hostility does not seem to have bothered Trump.

There is also growing concern over Russian influence in the guise of Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson, who as head of ExxonMobil regularly curried favor with Vladimir Putin’s government, including opposing sanctions against the rogue Russian state because it would impact Exxon’s bottom line.

A Republican aide in the Senate told Politico that some of the nominations are “sophomoric mistakes” but hopes are high that a Republican-dominated Senate will simply rubber stamp many of them, and ignore the damage they could do to America. Democrats have indicated that they are prepared to fight over some of the key nominations but it remains to be seen how prepared the party, led by Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), really is for being the opposition party against Trump’s radical plans.