Trump Entering White House As Most Hated Incoming President

Donald Trump won the presidential election, but he will enter the White House with almost no political capital with the American people on January 20, 2017.

Politico notes “Trump will enter the White House as the least-popular incoming president in the modern era of public-opinion polling.”

His current average favorability rating is 43%, even after the election, and his unfavorability rating is at 49%. That compares to a 68% favorability rating for Barack Obama in 2009 as he began his first presidential term. Obama’s unfavorability at the time was 21%.

The poor ratings are further amplified that Trump’s election victory came about by winning the electoral college but failing to secure popular support of the voters. Trump lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes. He has attempted to short circuit criticism of this failure by claiming that he won an electoral college landslide (he didn’t) and that “illegal” votes made up Clinton’s voting base (they didn’t). Some of his supporters have even argued that votes from California, the most populous state in the country, should be arbitrarily disregarded.

Featured image via Flickr