Ivanka Trump Used Election Transition To Meet With Gov’t She’s Also In Business With

The Trump transition team had Ivanka Trump sit in on Donald Trump’s meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at Trump Tower in Manhattan. But neither the campaign or Ivanka Trump disclosed to the American people that she is currently involved in negotiations for a private business deal that involves the Japanese government.

Sanei International is in the middle of a licensing deal with Ivanka Trump, and plans to produce multiple items under that banner. Per the New York Times this includes items like “a sample of the pale pink dress Ms. Trump wore to introduce her father at the Republican National Convention.”

The largest shareholder in Sanei is the Development Bank of Japan, which is completely owned by the Japanese government that Prime Minister Abe leads.

The web of corrupt connections continues to grasp the Trump White House, before he has even been formally sworn in. There is no traditional separation of private business interests and public office positions and announcements.

Donald Trump refuses to place his businesses in a blind trust, instead he has left his children in charge of his business, while they are also in place as his closest and most trusted political advisers. There is nothing preventing Trump from making decisions in the Oval Office solely designed to enrich him and his family, rather than look out for the interests of the American people.

Ivanka Trump’s business dealings with the Japanese government, even as her father conducts a meeting and photo op with that nation’s leader, without any disclosure or separation of interests has now quickly become the new norm under Trump’s regime.

Republicans, who were set to continue partisan investigations of Hillary Clinton if she had won the election, have already said they simply aren’t interested in looking into Trump’s dealings and how Trump family fortunes can now be built on the backs of the American taxpayer.

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