This Evidence Proves Trump Hotel Rep Visited Taiwan Despite Official Denial

Donald Trump’s campaign denies that the Trump Organization had an interest in building hotels in Taiwan, a news nugget that came to light after Trump bungled a phone call with the Taiwanese government, angering China.

But a Facebook interaction¬†strongly suggests the Trump team has been caught lying again. It shows¬†Anne-Marie Donoghue, whose LinkedIn describes her as “Global Director of Transient Sales & Asia for Trump Hotels,” posting photos of her trip to Taipei, Taiwan which she describes to a friend as a “work trip.”


Despite the Facebook post, a spokesperson for the Trump Organization told the New York Times there were no “authorized visits” on behalf of the organization to seek out business prospects in Taiwan.

A Taiwanese newspaper previously reported that the Trump team was sniffing around Taiwan during the presidential campaign, looking to put money into hotel ventures there.

The possible deal came to light after Trump broke official United States protocol by accepting the phone call with Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen. The United States does not have direct diplomatic relations with the country, and the unsanctioned action provoked official protest from China.

Even some conservatives have condemned Trump’s behavior, as it could have negative repercussions on America’s attempts to contain nuclear North Korea and protect American debt owned by the Chinese, which could affect the domestic and global economy.

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