GOP Congress Promises To Ignore Trump Corruption

Republicans in Congress say they will ignore the early signs of corruption from Donald Trump, after spending millions investigating Hillary Clinton.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), head of the┬áHouse Oversight Committee, said he would not be “poking around” the alarming issues of corruption and conflict of interest that have already surfaced around Donald Trump.

Chaffetz’s comments are in stark contrast to his announcements during the campaign when it appeared Clinton would win. Back then, Chaffetz said his team would continue to hound the Secretary of State over her use of an email server and other issues Republicans hoped would restrain her ability to work.

Democrats have been pushing the GOP leadership in Congress to address Trump’s ability to use the presidency as a profit center for himself and his family, as he refuses to put his business into a blind trust. Instead, Trump plans to leave his children in charge, while they also advise and have deep involvement with his administration. Ethics experts say such an arrangement is primed to explode with corruption.

But Republicans in Congress appear disinterested in providing any oversight of their own party once it is in complete control of the government.