Corruption: How Trump May Profit From Carrier Deal

Donald Trump is apparently making money from Carrier while making taxpayer deals with them.

Donald Trump reported that he owns stock in the parent company of Carrier Corporation, the company he recently pressured the Indiana government into offering a package of tax cuts to keep some jobs in the United States (while still sending some offshore).

According to Trump’s financial disclosure forms, he earned anywhere from $2,501 to $5,000 in interest from an investment in United Technologies, who owns Carrier.

Neither Trump, Mike Pence (the governor of Indiana and Trump’s incoming vice president), or Carrier made mention of this investment as they touted the so-called “deal” reached between Indiana and Carrier.

Trump took credit for the “deal” in which Carrier would receive massive tax breaks in exchange for keeping less than 850 jobs in Indiana, while suffering no penalty for outsourcing over 1,100 more in Mexico.

The Democratic Coalition Against Trump, who highlighted the disclosure, commented on the conflict of interest. According to Scott Dworkin, Senior Advisor to the Coalition, “This is a prime example of how Donald Trump will look after the interests of one person and one person only: Donald Trump.”

The group said they would be alerting members of Congress about the conflict of interest, which could provoke an investigation of Trump’s dealings.