BOMBSHELL: Trump Defense Pick Accused Of Leaving Soldiers To Die

James Mattis, the retired Marine General that Donald Trump has chosen to lead the Department of Defense now faces a serious allegation of leaving soldiers to die on the battlefield.

A former Army Special Forces officer accused Mattis of “leaving my men to die” after they were hit by friendly fire while fighting in Afghanistan in 2001.

A team of U.S. Army Green Berets were hit by a smart bomb in a case of friendly fire. The Green Berets were accompanying Hamid Karzai, who would go on to become the president of Afghanistan.

According to reporting from NBC News, Mattis, who was a brigadier general commanding a group of Marines nearby, refused multiple requests to send in helicopters to rescue the Green Berets. Two soldiers died instantly after the bomb went off, while another was severely injured and later died.

Jason Amerine, who led the Army special forces operation, wrote on Facebook of Mattis: “He was indecisive and betrayed his duty to us, leaving my men to die during the golden hour when he could have reached us.”

He added, “Every element in Afghanistan tried to help us except the closest friendly unit, commanded by Mattis.”