Trump Rallies Crowd Against First Amendment

Holding a “victory rally” with his ardent supporters, Donald Trump rallied them to cheer in favor of an attack on constitutional rights.

VIDEO: Trump Attacks First Amendment At Rally

Trump slammed protesters burning flags, then asked the crowd, “Do you agree with my stance that if people burn the American flag there should be consequences?”

Despite how distasteful it might appear to be, courts have consistently come down in favor of flag burning as protected constitutional speech.

For the last few days, Trump has been floating the idea of a punishment for flag burning, including the unprecedented step of stripping American citizens of their citizenship, for the sin of engaging in distasteful speech.

As someone who has repeatedly exercised his right to say racist, grotesque, and sexist things, it is strange for Trump to come down on free speech in this manner. At the same time, Trump embraces many of the dictatorial beliefs and philosophies of so-called authoritarians, who do not agree with the principles of democracy but instead support the leadership of one leader.

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