Oliver Willis

CIA Chief Warns Trump On Triggering Possible Nuclear Disaster

CIA director John Brennan is issuing a warning to the incoming Trump administration about triggering a nuclear disaster.

While Trump campaigned on the idea of scrapping the Iran nuclear deal, Brennan told the BBS that doing so could threaten the world’s safety by setting off an arms race in the Middle East. Brennan believes that throwing out the deal would encourage other countries in the region – a hotbed of terrorism – to develop their own nuclear weapons programs.

Brennan explained, “For one administration to tear up an agreement that a previous administration made would be unprecedented … I think it would be the height of folly if the next administration were to tear up that agreement.”

Brennan offered to get the inexperienced Trump team up to date on world affairs before they take power, “I want to make sure the new team understands what the reality is. It ultimately will be up to them to decide how to carry out their responsibilities.”

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