Oliver Willis

Trump And Pence Actually Bribed Carrier To Keep Only Some Jobs In Indiana

The media is prepared to make a big splash over Donald Trump’s claim that he negotiated a deal with Carrier to keep jobs in Indiana it planned to take overseas.

But the reality is, like so much of the announcements that Trump has made and will continue to make in the White House, a lot of it is a smokescreen.

As the New York Times reports (after gushing about the deal with language like “Mr. Trump is a different kind of Republican, willing to take on big business, at least in individual cases”), the Indiana government – which is still under Mike Pence’s control as its current governor – had to bribe Carrier: “The state of Indiana also plans to give economic incentives to Carrier as part of the deal to stay, according to local officials.”

The Times also notes that the Carrier announcement has other strings attached for the future, as Trump and Pence plan to cut regulation that keeps employees and customers safe, while also giving away sweetheart corporate tax cuts which have been proven over history to not stimulate widespread economic activity.

Even with all of those giveaways, Carrier is keeping only 1,000 jobs in the state, less than half of the 2,100 it planned to move away in the first place. Already it looks like Trump, the so-called deal maker, got taken at the negotiating table once again.

But the mainstream media is very desperate to move on past the campaign and hail Trump as the victor yet again, and will most likely ignore the nitty gritty of the agreement in order to give Trump and Pence a laudatory headline.