Oliver Willis

GOP Shoving Anti-Minority Attorney General Down America’s Throat

Republicans plan to rush the nomination of Donald Trump’s chosen attorney general, Sen. Jeff Sessions.

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, now says he will hold confirmation hearings for Sessions even before Trump is sworn in on January 20 at the Capitol.

Despite Sessions record of being anti-immigrant and rejected for a federal judgeship due to allegations of racist behavior and language towards blacks, Grassley described Sessions as a “very honorable man” and as a “man of integrity.”

It remains to be seen how much opposition to Sessions is planned by Democrats in the Senate. If Sessions becomes the head of the Department of Justice, it is widely believed that he would use his position to abuse undocumented immigrants and allow Republicans in state governments to pass voter suppression laws designed to make it harder for minorities and other Democratic-leaning constituencies to vote.