Oliver Willis

Obama Leading Major Wipeout Of ISIS Leaders, Will Trump Take Credit?

The United States has been intensely involved in wiping out many of the senior leaders of ISIS over the last few months, and as the Washington Post reports, “all but erasing entire branches of the group’s leadership chart.”

Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, chief spokesman of the Islamic State, was killed in Syria in late August. The operation happened when constant bombardment of ISIS territory – led by the United States – flushed him out and forced him to travel by car. A Hellfire missile hit the car, killing him.

He is the latest of six ISIS senior commanders to die in the last four months, even as Trump and other Republicans have been loudly claiming that Obama isn’t fighting against the terror group.

By the time he assumes the presidency, ISIS will have been in retreat from many of its gains in the Middle East, while senior leaders for the group have been killed.

It isn’t idle speculation to wonder if Trump, who has claimed that he has a secret plan to defeat ISIS, simply takes credit for the strategy laid out and executed by the Obama administration over the last few years.

While Trump has been making loud noises about smearing Muslims, ISIS and others have used his rhetoric as a recruiting tool. When Trump attacks Muslims, as the Republican base wants him to, it reinforces ISIS propaganda about an American war on Islam. It lessens our stature in the world, gives terrorists a talking point and recruiting tool, and endangers the lives of Americans and our allies.

Contrasting Trump’s clumsy rhetoric to Obama’s embrace of Muslims, particularly  Muslim Americans who are on the front lines in the fight against terrorism, along with the battle field strategy that is eliminating this enemy sets up yet another dangerous area for the coming American transition.