Oliver Willis

What The Media Never Told You About Obama And The Stock Market

Barack Obama has presided over a gigantic gain in the stock market since he became president on January 20, 2009. Compared to the avalanche of stories about Republican whining and complaining about his presidency, these facts are rarely reported by the mainstream media.

Even more damning is how amazing the stock market has done under Obama, compared to the failure of his predecessor, George W. Bush.

When Obama became president, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was 8,077. When the market closed on Friday, November 25, 2016, it closed at 19,152. That is an increase of over 11,000 points under President Obama. The market is up 131% under Obama, a man Republicans claimed was a socialist who would wreck the economy.

Under George W. Bush, the market lost value – something no other President of the last 36 years has done. Overall the Dow average LOST 2,306 points for an overall LOSS of -22% over the eight years of presidency. That is the economy in collapse that Obama inherited and rebuilt into extremely positive territory.

Bill Clinton has the record for peacetime economic expansion. The Dow average went up 7,316 points during his presidency, an increase of 224%.

George H.W. Bush saw the Dow go up 1,045 points and 47%.

Ronald Reagan’s Dow went up 1,368 points for a gain of 158%.

Under the last two Democratic presidents, the Dow has done much better than under the last two Republican presidents.

For the last three decades, he best performing Dow has been under President Bill Clinton, while the worst was under President George W. Bush.

Republicans get a lot of credit in the media for being strong on economic issues, but looking at the stock market that’s more of a myth than any type of reality.

And under President Barack Obama, the market has been going gangbusters, something the media has studiously avoided noting as the preparation for the transition to Trump is underway.

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