WATCH: Trump Loyalists FREAKING OUT, Say Globalists INFILTRATING Cabinet, Trump SELLING OUT

Donald Trump’s most diehard loyalists are already freaking out about his choices for key cabinet positions. They believe that the ideology of some of Trump’s chosen leaders are betraying their right-wing, isolationist positions – rhetoric Trump used to apply to these previously fringe members of the conservative coalition.

In a message posted to YouTube on Thanksgiving Day, right-wing conspiracy theorist radio host Alex Jones, who has been a Trump supporter for months, lambasted his candidate.

Jones decried Trump’s choice of Betsy DeVos to run the Department of Education, pointing out that while Trump was strongly against the Common Core educational standards, DeVos has been more supportive of the education initiative.

What rankled Jones even more was the decision to consider former Governor Mitt Romney as Secretary of State.

Jones pointed out that Romney, an Iraq War booster, is a “neocon” and in Jones’ mind this positions the former Republican presidential nominee as part of the “globalist” cabal that Jones and his followers believe is secretly in control of the modern world.

Comparing Romney to a vampire, Jones warned Trump off of letting the establishment Republican inside his trusted circle of advisers.

Directly speaking to Trump, Jones threatened that if he and his followers were betrayed by Trump’s decisions in the White House, they would be after him like “scorned women.”

Jones also told Trump in the message that the only condition where Romney would be acceptable is if Romney is sent on an apology tour, apologizing for supporting the “globalist agenda” and distancing himself from the so-called New World Order, the elite cabal conspiracy theorists like Jones believe is behind many key world events. “I want to see him publicly apologize,” Jones demanded.

If that condition is not met, Jones said he would consider Trump a “sell out.”

In the video, Jones blamed the push for Romney on RNC chairman and incoming Trump chief-of-staff Reince Preibus, Fox News host Sean Hannity, and Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Jones is famous for leading the 9/11 conspiracy movement, who alleges the American government was behind the 9/11 attacks. Jones is also on record promoting the conspiracy that the Sandy Hook Elementary mass shooting was faked, claiming that bereaved parents were actually actors and that reporters like CNN’s Anderson Cooper were using “green screens” to report on what Jones described as a staged event.

Despite these conspiracies, Trump has been in communication with Jones, and has promised to make a return appearance on his program since winning the election.

VIDEO: Trump Loyalist Alex Jones Freaking Out Over Cabinet Choices