WATCH: Black Man Arrested For Bumping Into Plainclothes Cop

A black man in Boston has been arrested after bumping shoulders with a white cop in plainclothes.

VIDEO: Black Man Arrested For Bumping Into Plainclothes Cop

Cleon Hodge was crossing the street and checking a text message when he ran into the cop, Cambridge Detective Sergeant Thomas Ahern. After Hodge told him, “You gotta say ‘Excuse me’ if you’re going to try some cute [stuff] like that,” the officer soon held him by his sweatshirt and a bystander caught the incident on camera.

Both men reportedly believed the other initiated contact, but now police are seeking an assault charge against Hodge, a woman who tried to intervene, and the woman who recorded the encounter.

Rahsaan Hall, director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts Racial Justice Program, told the Boston Globe, “This is the type of behavior and abuse of authority that erodes the public’s confidence in the police.”

In the police report, Sergeant Ahern wrote, “I could see that his both hands were clenched into fists which I interpreted as a pre-assault cue.”

Ahern also accused Hodge of having alcohol on his breath, but a later breathalyzer test showed no alcohol in his system.

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