Trump’s Plan To Stuff His Pockets With $3 Million Of Your Tax Dollars

Donald Trump could make as much as $3 million from taxpayers if he goes forward with an unusual plan for his wife and young son.

Trump reportedly plans to leave behind his wife Melania and their son, Barron, in New York City as Trump takes up residence at the White House.

Because the Trumps would become the first family, they all require protection from the Secret Service. If Melania and Barron stay behind in New York City in order for the child to finish out his school year, the Secret Service will have to take up space in Trump Tower to keep the family secure.

The New York Post reports that at current rates, the deal could cost as much as $3 million based on the current rate to occupy two floors in the tower.

So while Trump has said he will decline the presidential salary of $400,000 per year, he could make almost 8 times that much from the Secret Service account.

While other protectees have incurred costs for special arrangements, unlike Trump those figures – Vice President Biden, President George H.W. Bush – didn’t own the properties that took in money from the government.

Trump already earned money from the government earlier in the year as the Secret Service paid his transportation company to travel around and protect him during the campaign.

Trump claims to be a billionaire – he has released no tax returns to prove this – but has offered no public plan to reimburse the government for funds used to protect him outside of the normal Washington-based setup previous presidents have used.