PHOTO: Trump Supporters Sending Threat Letters To Muslim Women

Trump supporters are reportedly sending a bigoted, threatening letter to Muslims.

The letter, posted online by Reza Aslan, starts out with an unofficial Trump-Pence campaign logo and is addressed to “Terrorist-Bitch.”

It goes on to claim that a “neighborhood watch” has decreed that women wearing scarves on their heads “will no longer be tolerated in our neighborhood.”

Declaring that now “America is great again,” these women “can take¬†your radical attire off and live like all Americans,” or instead they can “go back to the God Forsaken land you came from.”

Since Trump won the election, a rise in hate crimes and other bigoted incidents has been experienced from coast to coast. Other than one tepid denunciation of these events during an interview with CBS, Trump has kept quiet on the discrimination being done in his name. Instead, he has focused on the play Hamilton.

During the campaign, Trump ran on several anti-Muslim ideas, including a registry of Muslims and a plan to ban Muslim travel to the United States. Trump has experienced high level of support from white supremacists who have tried to rebrand and call themselves the “alt-right.”

See the full letter: