How Donald Trump Has Been Hiding Since He Won

Historically candidates who have won presidential elections have faced the population in the days after, but Donald Trump has been hiding like a criminal on the run.

Trump has not done a post-election news conference, but President Obama did one in 2008 and 2012, as have other winners from both parties.

When announcing his picks for key cabinet positions, Trump has issued press releases and tweets, while President Obama stood next to Eric Holder and took questions when he chose him for Attorney General.

Even on a national holiday like Veteran’s Day, Trump hid from the cameras and didn’t come out to celebrate the men and women who have served under fire.

Presidential historian Douglas Brinkley told the Washington Post, “Trump’s an anomaly of seeming to be hiding right in plain view and not wanting to interact with the press corps or the general public.”

Brinkley added, “It may be that he’s weary of the press pool or he’s afraid of protests or he’s tired or his speechwriters are tired.”

Hiding from the public may be foreshadowing on the remainder of Trump’s presidency, as he has to contend with his failure to secure a popular vote victory and has faced boisterous public protest since election day.