Associated Press Now Echoing Trump Propaganda Message

The Associated Press has decided to echo Donald Trump’s propaganda about his incoming administration.

Evidence of this decision to normalize Trump can be seen in a dispatch headlined “Trump the dealmaker keeps any Cabinet decisions under wraps,” written by Catherine Lucey and Laurie Kellman.

The story tells readers, “Call him the dealmaker-elect,” and goes on to recount the list of visitors who saw Trump over the weekend to discuss possible positions in a Trump White House, including cabinet secretaries.

During the presidential campaign, Trump identified himself as a “deal maker,” referencing his bestselling book The Art of the Deal, while minimizing his repeated business failures and bankruptcies.

The Associated Press was heavily criticized for its inaccurate reporting about Hillary Clinton in 2016, including an inaccurate tweet mischaracterizing the operation of the Clinton Foundation that was eventually pulled, long after it had been cited by Trump in an attack.

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