Trump Names Anti-Muslim General Michael Flynn National Security Adviser

Donald Trump has named retired Army Lt. General Michael Flynn as his National Security Adviser to be installed when he is officially sworn in as president.

Flynn has made his mark with various comments on the record attacking the Islamic faith and its believers.

He said that “fear of Muslims is rational” and like Trump he has said that he believes that the families of terrorists – whether there is any evidence they had any involvement in crimes – should be killed as an example.

Flynn quit the Defense Intelligence Agency in 2014, complaining that “political correctness” was interfering in fighting terrorism. For Trump and many of his supporters, invoking “political correctness” has often meant a desire to express racist or sexist beliefs that are seen by most to be unacceptable public discourse.

There are also strange ties between Flynn and the Russian government of Vladimir Putin. Flynn was paid by RT, the news network financed by the Russian government, for an appearance at their anniversary gala. Flynn was also seen at a formal dinner with Putin, though as a former military officer he did not notify the Army as is standard behavior for someone who had access to intelligence as Flynn did.

Flynn also retweeted a message from an anti-Semtic follower to his Twitter account. The message said, “Not anymore, Jews. Not anymore.” After he was called out for posting the message, Flynn claimed that it had been a mistake.