GOP Congressman: Trump Needs Guidelines For Tweeting, Like A Child Would (VIDEO)

A Republican congressman has suggested that Donald Trump needs guidelines for how and when to tweet, like rules that a parent would give to a child.

Appearing on CNN, Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI) said Trump needed “guidelines” for when to tweet: “I don’t think it’s very presidential to be up at night tweeting out. I do think you have to have some restrictions and some guide rails in how you use it. But to talk about stories that are false, on what’s actually happening inside the transition team, if he wants to talk to the American people without having a press conference, I think that’s OK.”

Duffy was a surrogate for Trump during the presidential campaign, when on multiple occasions the reality TV star used his Twitter account to lash out at detractors and news outlets he happened to disagree with.

Since winning the election, Trump has used his account to lash out at the New York Times and the media in general.