More Evidence Trump Getting Ready To Run A Corrupt White House

Donald Trump is laying the groundwork for the most corrupt White House in American history.

The statements of a top Republican aide show that the incoming administration does not plan to take corruption or ethics seriously. In an interview with CNN, Republican Party communications director Sean Spicer said that instead of adhering to strong ethics guidelines, Trump simply plans to have the American people trust his words.

Trump plans to install his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, as a senior member of his leadership team. Kushner is also the publisher of the Observer newspaper, and is part of the vast web of Trump family and businesses that are being forced into the Oval Office.

Already is daughter, Ivanka Trump, was part of an effort to use a TV appearance as part of election coverage as an advertisement for her line of jewelry.

Trump is also pushing for his sons to receive security clearances so they can work on national security issues, perhaps as proxy for their father, who has a record of disinterest in the minute details of leadership.

These actions leave the Trump White House open to underhanded manipulation in search of profit and increased wealth for the connected Trump Organization and the Trump family members who are on its payroll.

Photo via Flickr