GOP Admits They Were Lying When They Attacked Obama On This Issue

Republicans are finally admitting that they were completely being dishonest on a topic they repeatedly attacked President Obama over.

For nearly eight years, Republicans have claimed that spending by the Obama administration hurt the country because it increased the federal deficit. But now that Donald Trump is on his way to the White House, Republicans are now admitting they don’t actually care about the deficit.

Congressional Republicans are making preparations to green light deficit spending under Trump, just months after making complaints about Obama.

Trump’s proposals would increase the national debt by $5.3 trillion over the next decade, and as Politico reports, “That would make the debt as a share of the economy rise from nearly 77 percent to 105 percent, a potentially dangerous level for the government.”

Trump wants to spend money on infrastructure, and even though they refused to do so under Obama, Republicans are prepared to pass that same type of spending under Trump.

Former Vice President Cheney infamously said years ago that “deficits don’t matter.” In that time period the Bush administration racked up heavy government spending and Republicans never complained.

They’re about to do it again.