Giuliani Got Paid By Foreign Entities, Could Derail Any Nomination

Rudy Giuliani’s name has been bouncing around as a possible Secretary of State nominee under Donald Trump. But past payments from foreign entities may throw a monkey wrench into any hearings related to such an appointment.

Politico reports that Giuliani received payments from entities connected to the exiles of Qatar, Venezuela, and Iran.

Giuliani was paid for speeches in 2011 by the Iranian political party Mujahedin e-Khalq (aka MEK), which was on the State Department’s list of terrorist organizations at the time.

His consulting firm, Giuliani Security & Safety, took in money from a tycoon with connections to the rogue North Korean regime.

If Trump chooses to nominate Giuliani, particularly to the premier diplomatic post for the United States, these and other sketchy financial dealings connected to the former New York City mayor are sure to come up, and could derail the nomination.