CAUGHT: Trumps Already Using White House Access For Personal Profit

The Trump family is already using the publicity of the presidency to cravenly line their own pockets with money.

After Donald Trump appeared along with his family on CBS’ 60 Minutes, representatives of Trump family businesses began to use the appearance to scare up merchandise sales.

Monica Marder,┬áVice President of Sales for Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry, sent journalists a note described as a “style alert” referring to the bangle that Trump’s daughter wore during the interview with Leslie Stahl.

Another “style alert” used a still photo of Ivanka Trump from CBS, next to a picture of the bangle from her catalog.

Ethics experts have been warning that the Trump White House is almost guaranteed to be an ethics nightmare. Trump has refused to release his taxes and detail his wide-ranging business interests, even though he could easily use the office of the presidency to enrich himself without citizens knowing what is going on.

He has also appointed his children to his transition team, and has sought security clearances for them – which would make them privy to intelligence that could give them advance notice of advantageous financial and business decisions, enriching the Trump Organization and them personally.

Already congressional Democrats have begun urging members of the Republican leadership to investigate the web of money encircling Trump in order to assure the American people that the White House will not simply be used as a tawdry Trump family profit center.

Photo via Flickr