Trump Told Obama In Private He Lied About This To Get Elected (VIDEO)

In his private meeting with President Obama, Donald Trump reportedly admitted that he lied about a major issue to his supporters while running in the election.

Trump repeatedly indicated during the campaign that he lacked faith in the NATO alliance, repeatedly making statements that he would consider pulling out of the treaty, or at the very least cut the amount of dollars America has committed to the organization.

But according to President Obama, when they spoke about NATO, Trump told him “he expressed a great interest in maintaining our core strategic relationships, and so one of the messages I will be able to deliver is his commitment to NATO and the Transatlantic Alliance.”

Many of Trump’s most diehard supporters believe in international conspiracies, in which a cabal of “globalists” secretly rule the world through organizations like the United Nations and NATO. Trump attempted to pander to these audiences in the Republican primaries and through the general election with his anti-NATO rhetoric.

But now that he has achieved his goal, his campaign rhetoric on this and so many other issues is melting like ice cream on a sunny day.

Video of Obama revealing how Trump lied about NATO to his supporters:

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