Trump ’60 Minutes’ Interview Delivers Low-Energy TV Ratings

Donald Trump’s post-election interview on CBS’ 60 Minutes was a ratings dud. Even though it was the first time Trump extensively spoke to the press after his surprising win, it did not even win its time slot.

While the show was a “solid” performer for 60 Minutes, according to The Hollywood Reporter, more people tuned in to watch Sunday Night Football’s matchup of the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots on NBC.

The Trump interview also came up limp when compared to President Obama’s post-election interview with 60 Minutes in 2008. The Trump interview earned 18.8 million viewers, while the Obama interview blew the doors off with 24.5 million viewers.

Trump will enter the White House with the highest disapproval rating of any presidential candidate in history, and it is quite possible those numbers could drop even further, once he occupies the Oval Office.