VIDEO: Fox News Host Megyn Kelly Reveals How Roger Ailes Sexually Harassed Her

Fox News Channel host Megyn Kelly is now speaking up about how the creator of the network, conservative Roger Ailes, sexually harassed her.

In her new memoir, Kelly writes, “My problems with Roger began when I was at the company for 12 months — I was a first-year reporter.” She writes that in a 2004 meeitng with Ailes “not only was there legitimate professional advice, but there were grossly inappropriate comments,” including “specific comments” about her body.

The harassment “grew more severe over time,” Kelly says and adds, “He said he knew I must have some ‘very sexy bras’ and he’d like to see me in them.”

She also notes, “I want people to understand this was real, he did do this, and I was far from the only one.”

Ailes was fired from the network with a multi-million dollar severance package after anchor Gretchen Carlson sued Fox for harassment and dozens of other women making similar allegations came forward.

Ailes and his attorneys deny the allegations.

After leaving Fox, Ailes went on to advise Trump’s presidential campaign and helped him prepare for the presidential debates.

Several male Fox News employees, including Sean Hannity and Brit Hume, defended Ailes against the allegations but made no public apologies when the pattern of behavior came to light.

Video of Megyn Kelly on Doctor Phil talking about sexual harassment by Roger Ailes: