After Endorsing Trump, Tom Brady Now Runs From Politics Like A Coward

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady publicly endorsed Donald Trump, his friend, in the 2016 presidential election.

But after Trump’s victory and the huge backlash against his racist ideology, Brady is now backing away from his political ally.

In an interview with the Kirk and Callahan show on WEEI-FM, Brady said, “I am not talking politics anymore, I have other things to worry about. Just speaking with my family, it’s a bad idea.”

Trump said that Brady called him before Election Day, and released a letter from Patriots coach Bill Belichick endorsing his campaign.

Brady may be slinking away from Trump due to the high amount of black players in the NFL, including Brady’s own teammates. Additionally there are millions of NFL fans who are Democrats who are appalled by Trump’s beliefs and divisive rhetoric. Punting on politics may simply be a Brady tactic to keep the millions in endorsements rolling in as he enters the final years of his successful NFL tenure.