Trump Voters Fooled, Now He’s Secretly Cutting Taxes For The Super Rich

Fifty-one percent of the people who voted for Donald Trump for president said they support raising taxes for high-earning individuals, according to a RAND Corporation poll. But while Trump campaigned for the office by bashing globalists and international bankers, his tax plan he plans to implement once sworn in would actually be a huge giveaway to the super rich.

Lily Batchelder, NYU law professor and a visiting fellow at the Tax Policy Center, told NPR, “If you look at the most wealthy, the top 1 percent would get about half the benefits of his tax cut, and a millionaire would get an average tax cut of $317,000.”

While Trump didn’t campaign on cutting taxes for the 1%, they stand to benefit in a “huge” way from his presidency. And the people that voted for him were fooled into thinking the super rich weren’t about to make out like bandits.