Trump Corruption Already Showing Up On Presidential Transition Team, Experts Warn Of Coming Scandal

Donald Trump is already setting up a system of corruption to enrich himself and his family, before he is even sworn in. During the campaign, Trump said he would set up a system to separate his decisions in the White House from the business dealings of the Trump Organization.

But Trump has now announced that he is embracing nepotism, by appointing several members of his family to his presidential transition team. By putting figures like Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and Eric Trump on the team, Trump is already arranging a system that will benefit his own pockets and not the American people.

Ethics expert Norman Eisen of the Brookings Institution, asked, “What is to stop his kids from discussing business affairs with him, and from him making decisions based on what they tell him they want for the Trump Organization, rather than the public interest?”

He added, “Scandal awaits as people will try to influence him through the vehicle of the businesses.”

Trump enters the White House with more business entanglements than any other such figure in American history. In addition to what is publicly known about Trump’s business dealings, there could be far more such connections hidden in his tax returns. Trump was the first candidate since Nixon to refuse release of his returns, and the mainstream media barely questioned him on the issue, preferring to keep Trump happy and continue the flow of cash to their bank accounts via campaign advertising.