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Alicia Bromfield (Photos And Facts)

Who Is Alicia Bromfield?

Alicia Bromfield is a 28 year old substitute teacher at Gotha, Florida.

Accusation Of Sex With Teen

Bromfield aroused the suspicions of teachers at The Crenshaw School in Gotha, Florida, which is located in Orange County. They believed that she was sexually involved with a teenage boy at the school.

When investigators interviewed him, the student said he and Bromfield exchanged messages on Snapchat. The messages included pictures of partially removed clothing, but none of either individual naked.

Bromfield picked up the teen from his home and drove him back to her apartment. The report says Bromfield gave the boy vodka and an “unknown Jamaican liquor.” While watching a movie, the two had sex.

Alicia Bromfield Photos

Alicia Bromfield