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Svetlana Topol (Photos And Facts)

Who Is Svetlana Topol?

Svetlana Topol was a teacher in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Fired For Porn

Svetlana Topol was fired from her job after links to adult movies she had been made were posted on social media. Topol appeared as a  school girl in films with titles such as “Doing Homework” and “Meeting with Christy’s Headmaster.”

She used the pseudonyms Maud, Christy and Ariel.

School authorities fired her and said such activities were incompatible with teaching

Topol said the photos and videos are from before she became a teacher.

Some students and parents are pushing for her to be reinstated.

Svetlana Topol Photos

Svetlana Topol
Svetlana Topol
Svetlana Topol
Svetlana Topol