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Candice A. Kreidel (Photos And Facts)

Who Is Candice A. Kreidel?

Candice A. Kreidel is a 37 year old woman from Montgomery County, Tennessee.

Partially Nude Clown Makeup Arrest

On October 27, 2016, Candice A. Kreidel was arrested by Montgomery County Tennessee police. Kreidel was partially nude while wearing clown makeup, and she was chasing and jumping on cars in the town of Cunningham.

The arrest warrant noted “a series of calls about a white female wearing clown-like makeup, a stocking cap, and was either partially or completely nude that was running up and down Louise Road, chasing cars and jumping out in front of other cars.”

Kreidel was intoxicated and locked up due to being a danger to herself and others.

Candice A. Kreidel Photos

Candice A. Kreidel