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Vincent Kane (Photos And Facts)

Who Is Vincent Kane?

Vincent Kane is a 19 year old man from Broomal, Pennsylvania. He was a student at Villanova University.

2016 Arrest

Kane was arrested on October 26, 2016. He was accused of accused of hiding a camera in Villanova University bathrooms, taking ‘upskirt’ videos, and being in possession of child pornography.

Police started investigating Kane when they found a hidden cell phone in a bathroom at Villanova. The phone also had upskirt videos from the CVS Pharmacy West Chester Pike in Broomall he worked in.

D.A. Jack Whelan said, “He would place the phone underneath where the candy typically is stored, It’s very hard to see, but the camera would be focused on ladies that were wearing skirts.”

Upskirt Video History

Kane reportedly told police he had been taking upskirt videos from when he attended Cardinal O’Hara high school where he would zoom his camera in on girls’ gym shorts and underwear.

Police said they found a hard drive with 51,000 videos and images, include child pornography.

The district attorney said, “For his own sexual gratification, Vincent Kane surreptitiously recorded countless victims, including his fellow students, violating and breaching their personal security which can never be restored.”

Vincent Kane Photos

Vincent Kane