Edward Hills – Former MetroHealth CEO Arrested (Photos And Facts)

Who Is Edward Hills?

Edward Hills is the former CEO of MetroHealth.

Arrest In Federal Criminal Probe

Edward Hills was arrested along with dentists Sari Alqsous, Yazan Al-Madani and Tariq Sayegh. The charges say Hills and company pushed MetroHealth clients and resources toward their own private businesses while also forcing residents to pay them bribes in exchange for preferential treatment.

All four men pleaded not guilty.

Bribery Scheme

According to the indictment, Alqsous, Al-Makani and Sayegh gave Hills bribes in the form of gifts and presents for his birthday and during the holiday season.

After exchanges over text messages, money would then be deposited into Hills’ bank account.

Alqsous also let Hills use an apartment at Landmark Perry Payne in Cleveland’s Warehouse District with a woman with whom he was having a relationship with. Alqsous even bought Hills furniture for the apartment.

Other gifts Hills also received are plane tickets, a Louis Vuitton briefcase (for $3,789), a 55-inch LED television ($3,000), an Apple laptop.

In return, the dentists received $92,000 in extra bonuses from MetroHealth and were allowed to work part time hours while remaining full-time hospital employees.

Edward Hills Photos

Edward Hills
Edward Hills