Zurry Hinds (Photos & Facts)

Who Is Zurry Hinds?

Zurry Hinds is a 32 year old man from Brooklyn, New York.

Rape Arrest

On October 18, 2016, Zurry Hinds was arrested in connection with an accusation of being nude and walking up to a woman, attempting to rape her.

Hinds was charged with attempted rape, forcible touching, sexual abuse and public lewdness.

On August 29 a woman walking near East 55th Street and Avenue J was attacked by a naked man who grabbed her throat and attempted to rape her.

Police released a video and sketch of the alleged assailant.

Hinds was found after he stood in front of a building on Utica Ave holding his genitals.

Zurry Hinds Photos

Zurry Hinds
Zurry Hinds