Alec R. Cook (Photos And Facts)

Who Is Alec R. Cook?

Alec R. Cook is a 20 year old man from Madison, Wisconsin. He is a student at UW-Madison.

Rape Charges

Cook was arrested and charged with second-degree sexual assault, three counts of misdemeanor battery, along with one count each of strangulation and false imprisonment. The woman in the case accuses Cook of forcing himself on her after they went to his apartment following a study session at a campus library.

His lawyer says that the sexual intercourse was consensual.

Since then two more women have come forward to say they were also sexually assaulted by Cook.

As of October 26, 2016, 15 more counts were filed against Cook, as a student claimed he touched her inappropriately in class.

Police say they believe Cook began assaulting women in March of 2015 and that the attacks have escalated since then.

Grooming/Stalking Notebooks

While conducting a search on his property, police found a notebook from Cook. In the book Cook reportedly “kept notebooks detailing the grooming and stalking of women,” according to police.

Police say the books “listed the interests of the women that Cook was pursuing, what he would do with them, and one column simply marked, ‘kill.’”

There were 20 such notebooks found in his apartment, but only one has been read so far.

UW-Madison Response To Cook Arrest

Dean of Students Lori Berquam issued a statement: “This is a serious case and the university is responding…Based on the severity of the allegations and the potential impact on the campus community, the university is disclosing that this student is under emergency suspension from the institution.”


In a profile in the Edina High School newspaper, Cook was described as an avid guitar player who often entertained his classmates. He also told the paper that he counted God, Satan, Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix and Flight of the Conchords among his influences.

Alec R. Cook Photos

Alec R. Cook
Alec R. Cook
Alec R. Cook
Alec R. Cook