Steven Horden (Photos And Facts)

Who Is Steven Horden?

Steven Horden is a 37-year-old British brick layer.

Steven Horden Medical Accident

Steven Horden made international headlines when he reportedly bent his penis in half during sex with his girlfriend Kiera Diss.

Horden told the UK Sun: “It’s nasty. The whole penis is bruised and bent and horrible.” He added: “We were doing doggy style. It was a little bit too frantic. I think we overdid a little. The doctors told me that only time will tell if I can still have children.”

Horden spent four nights in the hospital after the incident. Doctors gave him a catheter and an emergency circumcision.

He told the paper: “Kiera is gutted. We can’t have sex for six weeks. We did try last night but it was too painful.”

Diss blamed herself: ““I feel a bit guilty as I think it was my thrusting backwards that was half the cause of it.”

Steven Horden Photos

Steven Horden
Steven Horden