Randi Lynn Zurenko (Facts And Photos)

Who Is Randi Lynn Zurenko?

Randi Lynn Zurenko is a 33 year old teacher at Bishop McDevitt High School in Pennsylvania.


Randi Lynn Zurenko was arrested and faces 200 sex-related charges after photos of her allegedly with students were discovered.

One student said Zurenko undid her bra and massaged her back.

She faces 13 counts of institutional sexual assault, 153 counts of sexual abuse of children, 33 counts of unlawful contact with minors, 20 counts of dissemination of obscene materials to a minor and 13 counts of corruption of minors.

Zurenko is accused of having sex with students and taking pictures of it, as well as sending nude selfies of herself to students.

Some of the incidents reportedly took place in parking lots.

She has admitted to some of the charges, including giving children alcohol and having a sexual relationship with a student.

Bishop McDevitt High School released a statement: “It is with great sadness that we have learned that criminal charges have been filed against staff member Mrs Randi Zurenko. School administrators were advised by authorities on October 18, 2016, of the existence of an investigation into an allegation of an improper relationship with a student. In keeping with Diocesan policy Mrs Zurenko was immediately placed on administrative leave while civil authorities continued their investigation. Actions which are criminal in nature or are deemed a risk to student safety will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination. This is required by Diocesan policy.”

Randi Lynn Zurenko Photos

Randi Lynn Zurenko
Randi Lynn Zurenko
Randi Lynn Zurenko
Randi Lynn Zurenko
Randi Lynn Zurenko
Randi Lynn Zurenko

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