Judge John McKeon (Facts & Photos)

Who Is John McKeon?

John McKeon is a district judge who oversees a three-county area of eastern Montana.

John McKeon Rape Case Controversy

Judge John McKeon is under fire for his decision to give a very light sentence to a father that raped his 12-year-old daughter. McKeon gave the father a 30-year suspended sentence after his guilty plea and ordered him to spend 60 days in jail over the next six months, with credit for the 17 days already served.

Montana statute requires a minimum sentence of 25 years in prison for anyone convicted of rape, incest or sexual abuse of a child 12 or younger but has a loophole that allows judges to order treatment outside of prison time.

McKeon issued a statement: “The sentence may not be a popular decision by certain members of the general public, but it is a just and proper decision given the record before the Court and the law the Court is sworn to uphold.”

John McKeon Impeachment

A petition is circulating asking that Judge John McKeon be impeached and removed from his position as a result of the light sentence he handed down.

John McKeon Photos

Judge John McKeon
Judge John McKeon