Oliver Willis

Donald Trump Is On The Verge Of Losing And That Means America Is Good And Great

People often complain about the news and its obsession with “if it bleeds, it leads.” But it is hard to fault the news media for reporting on things that go exactly as we expect them to. “Mother and father go to work, make it home, have perfectly normal evening with the kids” isn’t news. It’s what’s supposed to happen.

We face a similar dilemma with the 2016 election, I believe. Much has been made of the distress caused by this race, the idea that both candidates have low approval ratings, while the Republican nominee has nakedly pursued votes from racists, sexists, and religious bigots. And I’m not saying all of those things aren’t worth serious concern.

But. But.

The overwhelming likelihood is that Donald Trump will not win the election. The data indicates that he will decisively lose, and there is the strong possibility that his loss will be an epic landslide as America elects its first female president.

And the real story of this race will not be how divisive it has been or how much in the gutter the Republican nominee has taken us, but instead, the story is that when faced with the worst – racism, sexism, bigotry, fascism and worse – America rejected it.

That hasn’t always been the case in American history. Sometimes in our past, bigotry won. Sexism has won a lot. Hate has been on the ballot and won the day.

But in 2016, when it reared its ugly head, the American people banded together and like they have so many other times, beat evil.

This is not an argument that Hillary Clinton is a perfect politician or person, or that her position on every issue is the right one. But on the fundamentals of what it means to be an American and a human being in the world we would ideally like to live in, she has stood up for the ideas that Americans in the most general sense like to see themselves on the side of.

It is unfortunate that the Republican Party willingly handed the levers of power over to a dark, fearful ideology, but it is good news that Americans appear poised to summarily reject it out of hand.

That’s not the sexy takeaway, it isn’t a story of conflict and bloodshed and friction. But it is a good thing.