Oliver Willis

The Nationals Get Bounced & I Am A Bad Sports Fan

So once again our local Washington Nationals have been bounced from the playoffs with a whimper. None of the D.C. area sports teams has been in a championship, let alone won one in decades. The Capitals, Wizards, Nationals and of course the Redskins have been in an embarrassing championship drought of epic proportions. Cleveland has won a championship more recently than we have. Cleveland!

I had this idea back in the spring that I would follow baseball this year (I did go to one game), and like the homer I am I would go with the Nationals. The first baseball team I ever really followed and cared about was the Florida Marlins in the 1990s. I lived in Florida back then and since the Orioles were kind of a waste, I went with the Marlins. That was fun, they won some World Series, and then they blew up the team.

The problem with being a baseball fan compared to my number one sport, NFL, is that you have to pace yourself. In football, every game matters. If you start the season 0-4, you start to feel the creep of doom. In baseball, you could theoretically lose 10 games in a row and still legitimately be a playoff contender. I’ve never gotten used to that rhythm and ergo I was not in the right mindset this year to be a baseball fan.

The closest I got was setting up Google to alert me to when the Nationals were playing and to show me if they won or lost. So I was aware of them making the playoffs, I just didn’t care much.

I’m not even really an NFL fan. It’s my favorite sport but I’m really just a Redskins fan (yes, they should change the name, in case this is the first you’ve read me). It’s the only team I get an increased pulse and heart rate over, the one that I watch from the first kickoff to the final whistle, even when they’re blown out.

I may try again to follow another sport – maybe the Wizards, but they should change their name to something remotely connected to the region – but in all likelihood I’ll be bitching and moaning in December about how the Redskins managed to miss the playoffs. Again.