The Evolution Of Michelle Obama 2008-2016

I’m so old I can remember back in 2008 when Michelle Obama was not that interested in getting her hands dirty in the business of campaigning. She spoke a few times in public, but she was clearly not that into it, and the backlash caricature of her from Fox News and other sources as some sort of black militant was obviously not what she signed up for.

But isn’t it amazing how she has blossomed into the role? She’s taken the traditional First Lady position but added her own spin as a sort of domestic and global ambassador for the office.

And on Thursday she gave the kind of dazzling stump speech her husband built an entire movement on. She managed to slam Trump for his misogyny, elevate Secretary Clinton, remind voters of why they support President Obama and genuinely love his family, while never saying Trump’s name. She only ever referred to him as “Hillary’s opponent.”

I suspect that the First Lady has had enough of politics and won’t run for office like so many of us on the left would love to see her do. But her work this year, from the Democratic Convention until now, will be one of the greatest “what if” scenarios in U.S. political history.

VIDEO: First Lady Michelle Obama On Donald Trump’s Sexist Comments