Oliver Willis

The Trump Foundation – What You Need To Know

The Trump Foundation is a supposedly non-profit charity set up by Donald Trump.

Fraudulent Behavior

Trump used the Trump Foundation as a way to collect payments from debtors and pay off bills, and as a result avoided paying taxes in the process.

Trump used Trump Foundation funds to purchase giant portraits of himself, instead of using it to help people in need.

Legal Action By NY Attorney General

On October 3, 2016, the New York Attorney General ordered that the Trump Foundation cease soliciting donations and said continuing to do so would be a fraud. The reason cited is because the Trump Foundation does not have proper certification.

Funding Vaccine Conspiracy Theories

The Trump Foundation donated money to an anti-vaccination conspiracy group run by actress and model Jenny McCarthy, Generation Rescue. The Trump Foundation donated $10,000 to Generation Rescue.

Karen Ernst, the executive director of Voices for Vaccines, said, “Generation Rescue supports many terrible theories concerning vaccines, and also promotes autism as something with a stigma, something parents should fear more than measles.”