Oliver Willis

Matt Lauer Hurt America, And He’ll Be Fine

Matt Lauer’s moderation of the Commander-In-Chief forum was a complete and total failure at multiple levels. He over-emphasized Hillary Clinton’s emails (how many configurations of “I screwed up” are we going to have to hear for years to come?) while giving Trump a pass on lying about opposing the Iraq War.

And yet, Lauer will be just fine.

He is one of the highest paid individuals in TV “news” and will likely remain so until he chooses to retire. NBC doesn’t pay Lauer that money to be a good journalist or a serious political moderator. They pay him to do highly rated fluff interviews with celebrities, crime victims, and viral video stars.

NBC doesn’t care that Lauer embarrassed them and their brand with his failure to question the two people vying to become the leader of the free world. They only care if Lauer keeps bringing in the eyeballs to the Today Show for them to sell pills and laundry detergent to in the morning.

Until he screws that up, there won’t be any consequences for this failure. It’s sad and unfortunate but that’s how the real world works.