Oliver Willis

Clinton DESTROYING Trump In New Pennsylvania Poll

Trump’s ‘Rust Belt’ strategy continues to collapse as new poll show him being crushed by Clinton in key state of Pennsylvania.

“The July-August 2016 Franklin & Marshall College Poll of Pennsylvania shows that Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump 49% to 38% among likely voters. The Democratic convention appeared to benefit Secretary Clinton more than the Republican convention benefitted Mr. Trump. Nearly two in three (62%) of those who watched the Democratic convention reported being more likely to vote for Secretary Clinton, while only two in five (40%) of those who watched the Republican convention said they were more likely to vote for Mr. Trump. More voters believe Secretary Clinton rather than Mr. Trump has the experience to be president and is better prepared to handle foreign policy issues, although they are evenly divided on which candidate is more honest and trustworthy and which candidate has the ability to fix the country’s economic problems.” [READ MORE]