Brock Lesnar Wins Fight At UFC 200 (PHOTO)

Former WWE wrestler Brock Lesnar won his fight at the UFC 200 event.

Yahoo News: “Brock Lesnar arrived at UFC 200 to fight for his reputation, his self-worth and maybe $10 million. His future? He had no idea and said he wouldn’t spend a minute thinking about it, not with the prospect of Mark Hunt’s violent hands across the cage.

After scoring a unanimous decision here Saturday, energizing the historic UFC card that needed it and filling himself with well-earned confidence, Lesnar sure sounded like a guy ready to give mixed martial arts another full-time go. That would mean potentially leaving the WWE behind. There was nothing official – far from it – but a beaming Lesnar, despite a bruised-up left eye, all but laid the groundwork for another go at the UFC.”