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Ikea Recalls Malm Dresser (PHOTOS)

Furniture retailer Ikea is recalling its Malm line of dressers.

Ikea Recalls Malm Dressers

Swedish furniture retailer Ikea has officially announced that after the deaths of three children in related accidents, they will be recalling the Malm line of dresser.

Ikea USA president Lars Peterson told NBC News the furniture “could be a danger,” and out of a sense of precaution the company is making the move. “Please take them out of the room,” he continued.

Malm Dresser Tipping Leads To Death

Three children have died as a result of Malm dressers tipping over. One of the children,  two-year-old Curren Collas, was found by his mother underneath the furniture. She is now part of the campaign to educate parents about furniture tipping over.

Ikea initially produced 300,000 kits for customers so that they could anchor the dresser to a wall so that it will not tip over. But the deaths that occurred after the kits were produced and sent out convinced Ikea to issue the recall.

Tipping Furniture A National Problem

The U.S. government’s Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that every 24 minutes a child is sent to the emergency room due to falling furniture or a television. The president of the commission, Elliot Kaye, told NBC that many of the accidents are triggered when children see something they want to get on the furniture, climb up, and the entire setup begins to tip over if it hasn’t been anchored.

Who Is Ikea?

Ikea is an international retailer based in Sweden that specializes in low-cost furniture using modern design themes that is flat-packed and assembled by the customer at home. It is the largest furniture retailer in the world.

Ikea owns and operates 384 stores in 48 countries, employs 147,000 people and has total assets of $49 billion. There are 42 Ikea stores in the United States.

Ikea Photos

Ikea Malm Dresser
Peter Agnefjäll, Ikea CEO
Ikea Store