Oliver Willis

10 Richest Countries In The World 2016

A new survey for 2016 has revealed the list of the 10 richest countries in the world.

New World Wealth, instead of looking at a usual figure like GDP (gross domestic product), instead ranks the top ten countries based on wealth held by individuals. That private wealth is a combination of net assets – including property, cash, equity and business interests accumulated as of the end of December in 2015.

Notably, America turned out to be the richest nation, with total individual wealth at $48.7 billion. China came in second with private fortunes held by all individuals in the country hitting $17.3 billion. Japan was third, followed by Germany and the United Kingdom.

The report noted that the wealth held by the average American has remained effectively static for the past ten years, 2005 – 2015, increasing by only 5%. Based on current stats, the average wealth of a person in America is about $151,000.

Other countries saw average wealth increase much more. In Australia, the rate was over 100%, while Canadians saw average wealth go up over 50%. New World Wealth report noted, “Alarmingly, the average Australian is now significantly wealthier than the average US citizen.”

By comparison when wealth is calculated based on population, Monaco comes out on top with wealth per capita at $1.5 million, followed by Liechtenstein with $620,000 and Switzerland with $285,000.

List Of 10 Richest Countries In The World

1. United States $48.7 billion
2. China $17.3 billion
3. Japan $15.2 billion
4. Germany $9.4 billion
5. United Kingdom $9.2 billion
6. France $7.6 billion
7. India $5.2 billion
8. Italy $5 billion
9. Canada $4.8 billion
10. Australia $4.5 billion

Because interest in international wealth and comparisons between countries has grown and grown over the years, with reports on the fortunes of the super-rich, high net worth individuals, and celebrities constantly topping lists of the most searched for topics online. As a result, readers often want to know who is on top, and which countries are surging or slacking off in their quest for wealth and the luxury items that come with fortune and favor.